Fabric Technology




ActSystem - ActSystem was developed with nylon polyamide microfiber 6.6 by Rhodia®. Actsystem guarantees extreme lightness and high levels of thermal comfort, thus contributing to better performance in sports activities, especially high impact activities such as running.



Anatomical – These socks have been anatomically designed with left and right fit to perfectly shape and support for your foot.



Antimicrobial – Treated and designed to reduce the bacteria that causes foot odor.


COOLMAX® - This product uses the world class textile technology of COOLMAX®. As the skin perspires the COOLMAX® yarn moves the sweat away from the body to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, keeping the wearer fresh and comfortable during exercise.
 Cushioned Cushioned – Terry lining is strategically designed into the sock to give greater comfort and protection on pressure points and impact areas.



Dry – Using the latest in technology these socks are designed to wick away sweat and moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable



emana® - emana® was deleveloped by Rhodia® and is a 6.6 nylon polyamide microfiber with infused bioactive crystals. The bioactive crystals stimulate the microcirculation system creating two amazing benefits in one. When used in shapewear continuously for 28 days it reduces cellulite however when used in compression sportwear gives the athlete additional microcirculation, increasing overall endurance performance and recovery.



iPod Support - The product integrates features for iPod or cell phones into the product seamlessly for your daily life.

High Compression


High Compression - This product was developed using High Compression to improve muscle balance, circulation and body posture, to help in perfomance during sporting activites and for faster recovery afterwards.

Lined with Cotton



Lined with Cotton – This product is lined with pure natural soft cotton for your comfort and pleasure. Cotton, the natural fabric.


LYCRA® SPORT - LYCRA® Sport was developed by putting the high technology LYCRA® yarns through a demanding set of performance tests to create and find the best possible product. LYCRA® Sport fabrics have been developed for sports activities that demand comfort, muscle support and freedom of movement.

  Lycra® Xtra Life - Wear and tear is minimized in Lupo products using Lycra® Xtra Life, as it gives ten times more resistant to chlorine, salt, tanning oils and sunscreen compared to ordinary elastane fabrics.
Medium Compression Medium Compression - This product contains a mix of air-textured microfiber and 6.6 nylon polyamide flat yarn both by Rhodia®. It offers the features of medium compression, soft touch, a natural look, high thermal comfort, and fast drying. The medium compression improves muscle balance, circulation and body posture, to help in perfomance during sporting activites and for faster recovery afterwards.



Modal® - Modal is soft as a feather. The low fiber rigidity and the special cross-section of Modal® transform the fiber into the benchmark for natural softness. Modal® is produced from beech wood and thus it is 100% natural. 



MicroModal® - Coming from the Modal® family MicroModal® is an even finer thread allowing us to create even finer ultra thin products. MicroModal® is still as soft as feather and because of it even smaller cross section produces a natural softness even better than the original. MicoModal® is produced from beech wood and thus is a 100% natural.




Reflective Details


Reflective Details - This product tastefully integrates reflective featurres that allow you to be seen in low light conditions especially running at night.   




Air-Textured UV Protection - This product contains Air-Textured UV Protection, a 6.6 nylon polyamide microfiber by Rhodia®. It offers SPF 50+ protection from UVA and UVB rays with the added features of a soft touch, high thermal comfort, medium compression and fast drying.



Sanatized® - The Sanitized® hygiene function is integrated permanently into the clothing during manufacture an acts like a built-in deodorant to prevent the development of unpleasant odors. Since the Sanitized® hygiene function prevents the growth of bacteria, clothing remains fresh longer, can be laundered less frequently and washed at cooler temperatures. This means you can save time, energy and water, which helps to protect the environment. 

Seamless Dry


Seamless Dry - This product contains the most modern Seamless Dry Technology.  Seamless Dry reduces friction points and creates strategic fabric wicking to reduce moisture during exercise and to keep the athlete cool and comfortable.



Seamless - Lupo has developed this product seamlessly for comfort and pleasure. Seamless product reduce rubbing lines and adds to you general comfort. 



SUPPLEX® -  Made by Invista SUPPLEX® fabric has the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. SUPPLEX® fabric is breathable, holds its shape, provides thermal comfort, dries fast and retains color. The lightness and extra softness against your body creates a second skin sensation, the feeling of total comfort.

TAGLESS Tagless – Lupo in general has removed tags for your comfort. Washing instructions, fabric content and sizing is imprinted into the product using a silk labeling process to most comfortable of products for you.

UV protection


UV Protection - Lupo products containing UV Protection are made with 6.6 nylon polyamide microfiber yarn by Rhodia®. It offers SPF 50+ protection from UVA and UVB rays with the added features of a soft touch, high thermal comfort, light compression and fast drying.