Lupo North America- A 90 Year Legacy Coming to America

Lupo North America is the continuation of the legacy started by Henrique Lupo, Italian migrant to Brazil, who started the Lupo Company over 90 years ago. Lupo started as a sock company, however over the years has expanded to all essential clothing and sportswear. Lupo is an instantly recognizable household name in Brazil and is seen in all walks of life. Lupo Lingerie from basic through to the elegant, has details and fashion for every woman. Lupo Loba hosiery is of the finest quality and has so many varieties of fashion. Lupo Shapewear combines fashion and technology to give you some of the greatest figure forming clothing on the planet. Our men's underwear leads the industry and among some of its other amazing qualities, is considered by the Underwear Expert to be the best travel underwear to be found anywhere. Finally Lupo Sport is our innovative activewear line that merges fashion and sports technology together. The men's t-shirts are unique and the variety of women's sports bras is second to none.


Lupo North America continues the migration legacy, with Henrique Lupo's great-grand daughters move to the United States. Now Italian/Brazilian style has moved to Washington State. Lupo North America represents Lupo in the great north-west and throughout the US in general. Based in the Seattle region, Lupo here in the US is truely in its element, as the culture of Washington State is very similar, though when it comes to weather the rain is colder here. The Lupo North America team love and are dedicated to the clothing and bring the US perspective to all our products. We are all very proud to be bringing clothing with quality, design, technology and fashion to the US. Clothes that you will love to wear.

Now Lupo is heading towards it's 100th anniversary and when we hit that milestone, we want the whole of the world to be celebrating with us as well.

Lupo Factory